OpenBSD 4.6 "Planet of The Users"

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Hola, esta llegando 4.6 :)

Welcome to the future
One very rich man
runs the Earth with
one multinational
owns your stuff
and owns your birth

Everyone is armless
Personal robots
Do it all for you
Sitting on your slug head
One channel TV
never gonna bore you

Does it sound like a paradise
or a way to die
while alive and a loser
I'm a man from the open past
And I'll never last
on the Planet of the Users

Everyone is happy
No more government
No more media
Only the Company
Entertains you
while it feeds you

Soylent Green pap
Eating your friends while
shopping, buying
Stupid applications
Obsolete before you try them


Take me back
Take me back
Take me back

Way back in my time
Open source kept
everyone choosing
People knew the insides
Of devices they were using

Hackers had a doorway
Now it's locked and
dumbed down so much
One button coma
Stop the future truly outta touch


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Dude buen puesto ...
y la lectura de tu blog es realmente vale la pena seguir compartiendo información como Coz actualmente estoy muy ocupado con mi trabajo de 70-238 y SY0-101 y recientemente he terminado mi 646-588 y ahora después de mucho tiempo no he encontrado tiempo para pasear aquí n allí ...