Monitorear Correctamente Equipos Ubiquiti

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For our good luck Ubiquity used Mikrotik's Wireless MIB so this template includes some Mikrotik templates :D

Not many thinks have been added since the OID Tree is small and enough for anything we need.

Cacti Version: cacti-0.8.7c
AirOS Version: v3.1.1 and after

Graph Support For:


Number of Active Wireless Connections (Linux Only)

Wireless Registration Tables (per Wireless Client)
Signal Strength
Data Rates
Traffic (bits and Bytes)

Wireless Client
Signal Strength
Data Rates
Frequency 802.11b/g
Frequency 802.11a

and Traffic of course

A. Unzip somewhere the attachment (
B. Copy:

1. zipdir/scripts/mikrotik_wireless_interfaces.php -> cacti-web-dir/scripts/mikrotik_wireless_interfaces.php
2. zipdir/resources/script_server/mikrotik_wireless_interfaces.xml -> cacti-web-dir/resources/script_server/mikrotik_wireless_interfaces.xml
3. zipdir/resources/snmp_queries/mikrotik_wireless_client.xml -> cacti-web-dir/resources/snmp_queries/mikrotik_wireless_client.xml

C. Import zipdir/templates/cacti_host_template_ubiquity_bullet.xml -> http://cacti.url.path/templates_import.php
D. Now just Add a New Device and select "Ubiquity Bullet" on Host Template

The Ubiquity Bullet Host Template contains all of its dependencies, like Interface Statistics and some Mikrotik Templates.

Templates are based on:
Development, Cacti Templates

Mikrotik RouterOS Statistics (Update 01/21/2006)

Mikrotik RouterOS Registration Tables (Update 11/21/2006)

Mikrotik RouterOS Statistics (Update 02/10/2009)

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